broken spring repair

There are a number of things that can cause the door extension spring to break:

  • Wear and tear- each time you open or close the garage door, the spring is in use and it wears out with time and eventually will break. It is therefore advisable to open or close the garage door only when necessary to reduce wearing out of the spring thus prolong its life. You should also control your kids from playing with the garage door to avoid unnecessary opening and closing.
  • Weak garage door spring- The spring works to hold the whole weight of the door when opening and it should be strong enough to support the door in question. If the spring is weak it is bound to break due to overloading.
  • Poor maintenance- The spring should be oiled regularly to avoid rusting which may increase friction causing the spring to break. If the spring is not well maintained it may be broken leading to other expenses like new motor installation or even new door connections.

At Oyster Bay Cove garage door repair, NY we have well trained technicians who have experience to replace a broken spring without causing any damage on the door. The technicians are equipped with latest technology and best tools in the market to handle any type of torsion spring. In case you have any problem with your garage door spring, contact us and our experts will fix it within minutes.